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About Us

We are a state-of-the-art computer store. Founded in Mirabel (Saint-Canut), Quebec by Nicholas and Louis-Philippe in 2006, our company is proud to offer a wide range of high quality computer products and services. ​

Both co-founders are two technology enthusiasts who decided to create their own company to offer innovative IT solutions adapted to the needs of their community. Since the opening of our store, we have been committed to providing superior service to our customers by offering expert advice and professional technical support.


​We offer a full range of computer products, ranging from laptops and desktops to computer components, accessories and peripherals. We also specialize in computer services, such as the repair, maintenance and configuration of computer systems.


​ Our team is made up of highly qualified technicians, who have in-depth knowledge of the latest computer technologies. We are available to answer your questions, provide advice and help you find the IT solution that best suits your needs.

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